Saturday, July 01, 2006

Charlie says "Ahh Gooo"

Sorry for no Charlie pics in a while. As you can see, my man Charles is doing fine. When he is not nursing, or sleeping, he likes to smile a lot and say things, like "Aahh Gooo". He knows he is saying it, I am certain. He tries very hard, struggles more often than not, then ... "Ahhh Goo!!", and he flips out ... knowing he said it, he's cool, I think he's a keeper.
But, he has a serious side too. Deep thinker, day dreamer, rule breaker, wear the same outfit twice in a row kinda guy. Not sure where he gets that. As far as eye color ... not blue (not even close) ... but not pure brown either ... so that leads to all those "not blue", "not brown" names, like "green", "hazel", "kalidescope", etc.