Sunday, March 26, 2006

Michelle's Belly with Charlie at 36 weeks

Here it is, by popular demand, a pre-Charlie picture of Michelle! We love the way the photo turned out, and were awaiting Easter to post it, but something tells me Charlie will be here before the Easter Bunny.

We're all anxiously awaiting Charlie, and although our penile colony is a Matriarchy, we will at least pretend to rule as 4 kings :-)

Note: The photo technique was inspired by a co-worker (thanks Aseel!).

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Jedi Jack, the new Star Wars Kid

Here is a video of Jack, sneaking a late-night session on Wils' Star Wars video game while Wils is in bed. Google Video has been slow lately, you may need to give it a few minutes to load (too many people watching "Giant Toast" probably :-).

It's kind of a suprise really, the hand full of videos we've uploaded have been viewed over 10,000 times and downloaded over 100 times. Wow, we should be charging $$ for this stuff!!!

Monday, March 20, 2006

Happy Birthday Wils!!!

Lexington KY, March 21st, 1998. William Scott Lancaster Quinn tricked us all by showing up 3 weeks early. He's been tricking people ever since. Sunday night we went to Joe B's for a b-day dinner. Wils received a life-like cockroach as a gift from Michelle. As our waitress placed a stack of plates on the table, Wils snuck the bug below the top plate and yelled, "These plates are dirty!". On cue, the poor waitress lifted a plate, saw the roach, and jumped two feet into the air with a frantic shrill. Most of us were not yet hip to Wils' trick, so it was a little startling. I think my dad laughed first ... then everyone, but it was awkward, because our poor waitress REALLY freaked out - we all felt bad. Dad left a nice tip :-)

They are calling for snow, which is cool because it snowed when Wils was born. Another cool thing; today, the doctor approximated Charlie's weight to be 5lbs 10oz ... which is what Wils weighed when he was born.

Shout out to Wils! Happy birthday! You're crazy mad delicious, true dat - double true!

In conclusion, Wils is 8, and Charlie will have black hair and blue eyes, just like my dad - the signs are everywhere!